Harness the sun
to power lives

Rising energy expenditures are among the major challenges confronting nonprofits, from healthcare facilities to human services agencies to youth development organizations, and more. Electricity costs take a big toll on annual budgets, impacting key areas like staffing and facilities.

Deploying solar with Solect – through the PowerOptions Program or another financing option – can substantially slash energy expenses while helping your organization explore its full potential, fund vital causes, and achieve its mission.

Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA; 725.76 kW

The benefits of public and nonprofit solar energy are clear

Work with Solect to develop, install, and operate a solar energy system, and you can:

Environmental Leadership

Boost your brand identity, value, and appeal by being an environmental leader and inspiring others to embrace sustainability.

zero cost icon

Finance your project with no upfront capital costs and pay a fixed electricity price with the PowerOptions Program.

Federal and state tax incentives icon

Tap into the expanded solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and federal incentives for tax-exempt entities.

Diverse knowledge, deep experience

Solect has helped a wide range of nonprofit organizations switch to solar energy over the past decade-plus, and we’re ready to partner with you. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to analyze your needs, evaluate your challenges, and strategize your best solution – from rooftop solar to a battery energy storage system and everything in between.


Solect Energy’s expertise and track record, coupled with their commitment to local philanthropy, made them a perfect fit for our YMCA. We see Solect not only as a trusted solar provider, but as a true community partner.

Rick MacPherson, President and CEO, MetroWest YMCA