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From private schools and public-school districts to colleges and universities, educational institutions have a high demand for electricity – which makes energy expenditure a high percentage of annual budgets. Leverage available rooftops and open spaces on campus for solar implementation and curb your energy costs.

Switching to solar can generate significant energy savings and facilitate better fund utilization for staff compensation, investment in new infrastructure and technical upgrades, and more. In addition, the shift away from fossil fuels reduces your school’s dependence on the grid, minimizes its carbon footprint, and shows leadership on climate change, sustainability, and community wellbeing.

Stonehill College solar eenergy
Stonehill College, Easton, MA – 5.96 MW

The benefits of public and nonprofit solar energy are clear

Work with Solect to develop, install, and operate a solar energy system, and you can:

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Reduce energy expenditure and allow Solect to install, maintain, and repair your system – so you can focus attention elsewhere.

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Finance your project with no upfront capital costs and pay a fixed electricity price with the PowerOptions Program.

Solar energy storage

Maintain communication and critical services during outages and natural disasters with a battery energy storage system.

Advanced expertise
in solar solutions

Solect has more than a decade of experience helping educational institutions take advantage of their open rooftops and large campuses to transition to solar energy. Our team leverages strong technical expertise, regulatory know-how, knowledge of state and federal incentives, and relationship with PowerOptions to create an affordable, sustainable solar plus energy storage solution.


Solar is environmentally effective – enabling us to be a good steward of natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint – and cost-effective, so we can optimize the utilization of the financial resources we receive through tuition payment and donations to the school.

Thomas Doherty, Headmaster, Malden Catholic High School

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