New England Resins and Pigments Corporation

New England Resins & Pigments Corporation is a regional chemical and packaging products distributor. The company maintains its’ headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts, located 10 miles north of the metropolitan Boston area.

New England Resins and Pigments Corporation commercial solar


NE Resins’ massive facility carries significant maintenance and operations expenses on a yearly basis, and they were looking for a way to offset these costs. Solar turned out to be the perfect solution considering the large flat roof on the 100,000-square-foot warehouse.


Solect Energy partnered with New England Resins to install a 548 kW system on the roof of its facility. The system produces nearly twice the amount of electricity that New England Resins needs to power its business.


100% reduction of electricity costs

New England Resins decided to donate its excess electricity to a nearby Woburn non-profit. Through a program called Net Metering, excess electricity from New England Resins is metered to the Woburn Council for Social Concern, giving them a substantial savings on their electric bill. In return, New England Resins is able to take advantage of significant state and federal incentives, including SRECs, which pay the company a fee per kilowatt of electricity generated via solar.