Milliston Commons

Milliston Common is a popular retail plaza in Millis, MA, housing several dozen retail businesses including a laundromat, a grocery store, and other small businesses.


Milliston Common uses a substantial amount of electricity to light, cool, heat, and power common areas, the parking lot, and retail partners in the plaza.


Milliston Common partnered with Solect Energy to put solar on four separate roofs in the plaza, in order to reduce energy costs.


100% reduction of electricity costs

The 653 kW system covers 100% of the Common’s electricity demand in common areas and parking lots, as well as 100% of the electricity demand for stores Kidsturf, Twist Bakery and Café Inc., a laundromat, and the Rosenfeld Law Office, with estimated savings of over $130,000 in the first year. Milliston Common is also able to take advantage of the state and federal tax incentives and SREC program.