Hopping Brook Solar Field

Marina Energy is in the business of designing, financing, building and operating energy-related projects. Marina Energy’s specialties include combined heat and power (CHP), thermal production facilities and solar energy projects.

Hopping Brook Municipal Solar Field


Looking to expand the energy options for residents in the area, Solect and Marina partnered to install the community solar project.


Funded in part by investor Marina Energy, the field is split into two subsections; one owned by Solect, which powers community members in South East Massachusetts; and one owned by Marina Energy, which provides electricity to various municipal off-takers in the town of Hopkinton, including the school, fire station, and town hall.


30% reduction of electricity costs

The Hopping Brook solar field has 343 kW of solar capacity- that means it produces enough electricity to offset the CO2 emissions for 318,706 pounds of coal each year! Residents in the area who opted to receive power from the array, are spending 30% less on power than before, while getting it from an environmentally sustainable source.