Charles Moore Arena

Built in 1972 as a privately-owned rink, Charles Moore Arena (CMA) offers programs including Learn to Skate, Summer Cross-Ice Youth Hockey, In-House Hockey, Lower Cape Youth Hockey, and more.


Keeping an ice rink cold is among one of the biggest energy draws on the market, and many rinks, like CMA are nonprofits with very little wiggle room on their balance sheet. Looking for opportunities to save on the cost of electricity, Tony Nannini the Rink Manager at Charles Moore Arena turned to solar energy as the long-term solution.


The rooftop array is financed under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Solect, meaning Solect owns and operates the solar array, and sells the power generated back to the arena at a reduced, fixed rate for the duration of the agreement. In this case, CMA enjoys substantial cost savings while avoiding up-front capital outlays.


50% reduction of electricity costs

The installation will help stabilize and reduce their biggest operating outlay, as the array will cover 50% of their energy demands, without the rink having to make the capital investment to build the installation.