Project Description

The Cotting School

The Cotting School was founded over 100 years ago to educate children with physical disabilities. Today they educate kids with all manner of disabilities from age 3 to 22.


The Cotting School was looking to reduce their carbon footprint and their electric bill, but as a non-profit, were not able to take advantage of the attractive state and federal incentives for solar power in Massachusetts.


The Cotting School partnered with Solect Energy Development to put solar on their roof through a Power Purchase Agreement. Per this agreement, Solect owns the system and sells produced energy back to the Cotting School at a highly reduced cost. This allowed the school to go solar without the capital required for owning a system.


The Cotting School will benefit from significantly reduced-cost, clean energy provided by the solar PV system that covers 62% of the school’s needs. In turn, Solect will benefit from the state and federal incentives provided to owners of solar systems.

Fast Facts

Location: Lexington, MA

Owner: Solect Energy Development

System Size: 364 kW

Technical Details: Roof-mounted Canadian panels, with Solectria inverter and DPW Mounting.