Project Description

Shred King, Boston’s premier shredding company, The locally owned and operated Shred King Corporation is a full-service document destruction and management company. The company provides its clients with safe, secure document destruction as well as document retention. They also provide record storage with online portals to manage and receive documents online 24/7.


Shred King has always taken pride in being a eco-friendly company and their work recycling 100% of their product has been a huge part of that. In an effort to expand on that commitment they wanted to begin looking into their energy consumption and what they could do to curb their demand. Furthermore, they recognized that as time goes on staying competitive in today’s markets requires an active eye on every avenue to save the business money in the long term.


Solar was the perfect response to both of their needs. It allows Shred King to source responsible clean energy while also cutting down their operating costs on a monthly basis. They began to investigate several of the leading solar providers in New England and settled on Solect Energy, where VP of Business Development Brian Herr could answer all their questions so they were comfortable with investing in solar for their business.


Solect and Shred King partnered to install a 212 kW array on the roof of their Holbrook Headquarters. The array size was determined to be big enough to cover nearly all of their electrical costs on a regular basis, providing stability for the monthly balance sheet and a huge contribution in terms of their sustainability efforts.