Project Description

Scituate and Plymouth Racquet & Fitness Clubs

Fitness Club owner Chris Horne has been fascinated with solar since working on a high school project, but knew his expertise was in running and teaching classes at fitness centers, not in managing the financials of a solar project. Enter Solect Energy Development and Green Seal Environmental, a Sagamore Beach, MA, company that invests in green energy projects.


The Fitness Clubs wanted to go solar, but weren’t sure how to pay for an owned solar installation. They could benefit from reduced energy costs but were unable to own their own system.


The Plymouth & Scituate Fitness Centers entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Green Seal, whereby Green Seal owns the systems on the fitness center roofs and sells the electricity generated back to the clubs at a reduced rate.


The Fitness Clubs now benefit from reduced energy. The systems are expected to save the clubs up to 25 percent on their annual electricity costs. For its part, Green Seal is able to take advantage of the financial incentives – including tax credits and SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) – available to solar system owners.

Fast Facts

Location: Scituate and Plymouth, MA

Owner: Green Seal Environmental

System Size: Each 99 kW

Number of Panels: Each 330 300-watt panels

Technical Details:

Scituate: Roof-mounted system on raised-seam, pitched metal roof, using ET Solar panels, DPW (rails) and S5 (clips) mounting hardware, and a Solectria inverter.

Plymouth: Roof-mounted system on pitched PVC roof using ET Solar panels, DPW (rails) mounting hardware (using special PVC hoods heat welded to the roof to cover penetrations required to mount the system), and a Solectria inverter.