Project Description

O’Connell Fire Protection

O’Connell Fire Protection knew installing solar PV solution provided strong financial incentives, so when the company made the decision to move forward with solar, it including all three buildings the company owned on Brookes Street in Worcester. The result: three solar PV systems totaling more than 55 kW.

At 22.5 kW, the larger system on the roof of O’Connell’s headquarters at 261 Brookes Street covers up to 90% of O’Connell’s energy costs. The two smaller systems – at 15.75 kW each – are separately metered and help O’Connell provide electricity at reduced rates to its four tenants. O’Connell is able to generate revenue not only from reselling electricity to its clients, but also from SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), which are earned by solar system owners based on the amount of energy they generate via solar. Attractive state and federal incentives complete the picture.

Fast Facts

Location: 255, 259 and 261 Brookes St., Worcester, MA
Owner: O’Connell Fire Protection
System Size: Three systems — 15.75 kW, 15.75 kW and 22.5 kW
Number of Panels: 63, 63 and 90 panels

Technical Details

Roof-mounted systems using ET Solar panels, Solectria inverters and DPW mounting hardware.