Project Description

MutualOne Bank

Client Overview

MutualOne Bank is a full-service bank serving the MetroWest Boston area. Founded as South Framingham Co-operative Bank in 1889 and renamed Framingham Co-operative Bank in 1913, the bank joined with Natick Federal Savings Bank to form MutualOne Bank in 2012.


MutualOne has worked with Solect customers on financing solar projects, and saw both the environmental benefits and the financial savings these companies were gaining by choosing solar as a renewable energy source. MutualOne wanted a solar energy solution to become the cornerstone of its own green initiatives.


MutualOne partnered with Solect to install a 25 kW solar energy system at its Framingham, MA, headquarters.


The solar energy system is expected to offset the bank’s electricity needs by approximately 25 percent, a savings of more than $10,000 annually. The bank also can now execute on its green marketing strategy as an example of a local business doing its part for the environment.


Fast Facts

Location: Framingham, MA

Owner: MutualOne Bank

System Size: 25 kW

Technical details: Roof-based system using IT panels, Ironridge & GameChange Racking and a Fronius inverter.