Project Description

Moseley Realty Corporation

Taking advantage of attractive state and federal financing that helps make solar “real” for small and mid-size businesses, The Moseley Corporation is working with Solect to deploy a 33 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system at its Franklin, MA, headquarters.

Moseley, which works with well-known brands in the food and beverage industry to help them innovate and grow, is headquartered in a former mill building that it shares with several tenants. Moseley will use all of the electricity produced onsite to offset a portion of its current electric bill.

Fast Facts

Location: Franklin, MA
Owner: Moseley Realty Corp.
System Size: 33 KW
Installed: Planned Early Spring 2012
Live Date: Planned Late Spring 2012

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system on a flat roof using ET Solar panels, a Satcon inverter and a mounting system from Dynoraxx.