Project Description

Company Overview

MDP Development LLC is a real estate developer with residential and commercial properties in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Riverside Commons is a 100-year-old former mill building that was recently renovated, featuring 187 residential apartments and approximately 16,000 square feet of commercial space. The units are Energy Star rated (5 and 5-plus) and the property features many environmentally friendly features, including energy-efficient windows and water source pumps to heat and cool the building’s common areas.


When building Riverside Commons, MDP Development was looking for a way to bring an aspect of sustainability to their building, while making a smart business decision.


MDP Development partnered with Solect Energy to install a renewable solar photovolatic (PV) energy system on the roof of Riverside Commons.


The 446 kW system is expected to provide up to 70% of the building’s total common area electric needs, creating cost savings that will last 25 years. In addition to reducing its electricity costs, MDP is also able to take advantage of state and federal tax and financial incentives, including SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates), which are financial incentives based on the amount of solar energy their system generates. Electrical utility providers in Massachusetts purchase SRECs to help them meet their state-mandated goals of a percentage of power coming from renewable energy sources.

Fast Facts

Location: Fitchburg, MA

Owner: MDP Development

System Size: 446 kW

Technical Details: Roof-mounted Trina panels with Eco Foot mounting and a Solectria inverter.