Project Description

McGee Toyota

Client Overview

McGee Toyota is part of the McGee Family Dealerships, a family-owned company that has been serving South Shore communities for more than 40 years.


McGee Toyota opened the new building for its Toyota dealership in September 2013, and was looking for ways to continue to trim energy costs while making its business more green. Generating new revenue from Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) was also of high interest.


McGee Toyota worked with Solect Energy Development to deploy a 97.5 kW system comprised of nearly 400 ET Solar panels on the building’s roof.


The system is expected to cover 30 percent of the building’s annual electricity use, and help McGee generate new revenue through the sale of SRECs. The annual savings are expected to top $42,000 for the dealership.

Fast Facts

Location: Hanover, MA
Owner: McGee Family Dealerships
System Size: 390 kW
Technical Details: Roof-mounted system on flat roof featuring ET Solar panels and Solectria inverters.