Project Description

Longfellow Clubs

The Longfellow Club is one of the largest fitness clubs in New England, and is known as one of the greenest fitness clubs in America.


Owners Laury Hammel and Myke Farricker wanted their business to be “as sustainable as possible,” while also being financially conscious.


The Longfellow Clubs partnered with Solect Energy Development and a third-party investor in a Power Purchase Agreement in which the investor, Cedar Solar I, LLC, owns the physical system and sells the produced solar power back to the club at a significantly reduced rate.


The 148 kW system installed on the roof of the fitness club generates over 180,000 kWh of solar energy annually, covering at least 21% of the club’s electricity needs. Through the PPA, the investor, Cedar Solar I, LLC, paid all capital costs, leaving the club to benefit from reduced cost clean energy. In turn, Cedar Solar benefits from the state and federal incentives offered to solar owners in Massachusetts.

Fast Facts

Location: Wayland, MA

Owner: Cedar Solar I, LLC

System Size: 148 kW

Number of Panels: 564


Photograph used with permission from Solar Design Associates. Project designed and engineered by Solar Design Associates.