Project Description

Fore Kicks

Fore Kicks in Marlboro and Norfolk are New England’s first fully featured indoor & outdoor sports complexes. They will be using the electricity generated from the systems to power the complexes throughout the year – multipurpose fields and courts, meeting and exercise rooms, as well as several outdoor, lighted artificial turf fields. “Green Marketing” and community involvement are also of great interest to the team at Fore Kicks.

This is not the first green initiative for Fore Kicks; the Marlborough facility was designed and built to be highly energy efficient, and the Norfolk facility was retrofitted to meet these same goals. Each facility uses energy-efficient lighting systems (LED is being explored) and HVAC systems, and the facilities have adopted on-site recycling programs for the thousands of visitors each building receives weekly. Even the buildings’ placement on their 25-acre parcels was optimized for solar via a North-South orientation.

Fast Facts

Location: Norfolk, MA
Owner: Forekicks
System Size: 282 KW in Norfolk
Number of panels: Approx 1200

Technical Details

Roof mounted system on a pitched metal roof using ET Solar panels panels, SatCon inverters and mounting systems from DPW.