Project Description

Faith Community Church of Hopkinton (FCCH)

With an eye on lowering electricity costs and using the savings to help fund its primary mission of helping others, Faith Community Church in Hopkinton, MA, is deploying a 157 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy solution on the roof of its East Main Street complex.

Through site leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) struck with the church, Solect will own the system and provide electricity to the 80,000-square foot facility at a significantly reduced rate. The system will satisfy approximately 80 percent of Faith Community Church’s electrical usage.

Fast Facts

Location: Hopkinton, MA
Owner: Solar Energy Partners, LLC
System Size: 157 KW
Number of Panels: More than 500
Installed: Planned Early Spring 2012
Live Date: Planned Late Spring 2012

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system. One portion of the system is on a pitched roof using ET Solar panels and ZEP mounting and the second part is on a flat roof using a ZEP ballasted mounting system. Satcon and Solectria inverters are being used.