Project Description

Discover Marble

Discover Marble is a Worcester, Mass.-based natural stone fabrication company that has
adopted an extremely sustainable approach to its business methods. Specializing in
residential and commercial interior stonework, Discover offers eco-friendly and
sustainable materials as well as utilizes the latest technologies – such as using a natural
water resource to cut the stone and then recycling that water via a closed-loop system for
use again. All scrap materials are recycled into landscape materials. Instead of using
plywood forms to measure, Discover utilized a CAD system for more accuracy and zero waste.
Discover wanted to grow its green presence but do so in a way that continued to make good financial sense for his business.
Discover Marble worked with Solect Energy Development to install a 133.25 kW solar PV system on the roof of its Worcester office and showroom.
Owner Victor DeOliveira was enthusiastic about upping his green practices with solar, as well as with the financial incentives that came from both the state and federal level. With solar, Discover Marble’s electricity costs will decreases significantly, with an annual expected savings of nearly $20,000.
Fast Facts
Location: Worcester, MA
Owner: Discover Marble
System Size: 133.25 kW
Number of Panels: 533 panels
Technical Details: Roof-mounted systems using ET Solar panels, Solectria inverters and Panel Claw Grizzly Bear mounting hardware.