Project Description

Consigli Construction Corporation

What’s the quickest way to learn to talk to customers about the benefits of adopting green energy as part of their construction processes? Practice what you preach. Consigli Construction Corporation. did just that, getting the whole company involved when it deployed a 13.3 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system for its Milford, MA, headquarters.

Consigli, a fourth-generation company with additional offices throughout New England, has a company-wide culture of being green, and was recently named by The Boston Globe as one of top places to work in Massachusetts, in part because of its green initiatives. In embracing this philosophy, the company turned to the team at Solect for a tutorial to educate its employees on solar energy. When it came time to install the solar panels on the headquarters roof, employees pitched in on the installation process.

The company is now using this knowledge to help its own clients get smarter about using solar energy to reduce their energy costs and help the environment.

Fast Facts

Location: Milford, MA
Owner: Consigli Construction Corp.
System Size: 13.3 KW
Number of panels: 69
Installed: Late Summer 2011 Live Date: Fall 2011

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system on flat roof using Evergreen Solar panels, Solectria inverters and a Panel Claw mounting solution.