Project Description

Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts (CPMA) was incorporated on June 20, 1952 with the stated purpose of providing rehabilitative and related services for developmentally disabled children and adults, and persons with handicapping neurological dysfunction and their families. Services began in a one room clinic at the Quincy Health Center where physical, occupational and speech therapies were offered on a limited basis.  Today, the CPMA currently provides service for people with all kinds of disabilities.


CPMA’s dedication to reducing their carbon footprint had been evident in the numerous efforts they had made in the last few years including upgrading the company’s HVAC system, and transitioning to LED lighting. They were still looking for ways to improve their building’s energy profile, and their compliance manager Margaret Barrett-Hall turned to solar.


The plans for the array came together quickly, but not without obstacles as the roof of the building need to be replaced before panels could be installed. CPMA doubled down and invested in the new roof to ensure it would last for the lifetime of the solar installation.


Once the repairs were made to the roof the array was installed and the impact it had on the company’s energy profile were palpable, cutting their costs by over 30% The resulting savings will allow the foundation to reinvest into their programs and offer more comprehensive services for their clients.

Fast Facts

Location: Stoughton, MA

Owner: Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts

System Size: 109 kW


Technical Details: Roof-mounted ET panels, Ecolibrium mounting, Solectria inverter