Project Description

AmeriPride Services Inc.

Client Overview:

AmeriPride Services is recognized as one of the largest uniform rental and linen supply companies in North America. The company has more than 40 locations throughout the United States and Canada.


AmeriPride has a long history of making the company increasingly environmentally sustainable. Recent efforts have included the replacement of interior and exterior lights across its locations with LED lighting, replacing boilers with more energy-efficient models, and updating its delivery fleet with alternative fuel vehicles. The next step was solar, but AmeriPride needed to understand which of its locations made the most sense to test a pilot program.


Massachusetts became the clear winner when the company looked at costs and incentives. After choosing Massachusetts, AmeriPride also chose Solect Energy Development, which deployed a 210 kW system atop the Worcester facility’s roof.


With its new solar renewable energy solution in place, AmeriPride will offset its electricity usage in its Worcester location by up to 25 percent. The company is using its Massachusetts model to evaluate solar across its facilities in the United States and Canada.

Fast Facts

Location: Worcester, MA
Owner: AmeriPride Services, Inc.
System Size: 210 kW
Technical Details: Roof-mounted system on flat roof featuring ET Solar panels, Ecofoot 2 mounting hardware and Solectria inverters.