Project Description

American Plumbing & Heating Corporation

Driven by the desire to cut energy costs and take advantage of federal and state tax incentives, American Plumbing & Heating, one of the largest commercial plumbing contractors in Massachusetts, is deploying a 200 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system on its headquarters in Norwell, MA. The 200 KW system will be one of the largest solar projects on the South Shore.

American, which oversees the design and construction of piping projects for universities, medical institutions, sports venues, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and for other prominent New England businesses, will offset nearly 100 percent of its electricity usage at its 43,000-square-foot facility via solar.

Fast Facts

Location: Norwell, MA
Owner: American Plumbing & Heating
System Size: 200 KW
Installed: Planned Early Spring 2012
Live Date: Planned Late Spring 2012

Technical Details

Roof-mounted system on a flat roof using ET Solar panels, Solectria inverters and a mounting system from Dynoraxx.