Project Description

Alder Foods, Inc.

Alder Foods is one of the country’s largest suppliers to the military markets. The company sells nationally-branded food and perishable goods to the U.S. Military Commissaries located throughout the world. The company has become one of the top 30 companies selling worldwide to the Defense Commissary Agency.


Alder Foods was looking for a way to improve energy efficiency as a part of their company goal of improving the environment, but wanted to do so while making a smart investment.


Alder Foods partnered with Solect Energy Development to install a solar solution on their roof, offsetting electricity costs through the energy created and generating return on investment through SREC sales.


The 108 kW system sits on the roof of Alder foods Walpole facility. The system will save the company close to $25,000 in electricity costs annually, and related Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) credits will also save a similar amount.

Fast Facts

Location: Walpole, MA

Owner: Alder Foods

System Size: 108 kW

Number of Panels: 429

Technical Details: Roof mounted system using Trina panels and Ecolibrium mounting.