Project Description

28 Hasting Street Corporation

28 Hastings Street Corp. is a complex of industrial buildings and offices off Route 16 in Mendon, MA. The owner, local businessman Emerson White, sought alternative energy solutions to offset the costs of providing electricity to the common areas of the complex as well as making his facilities “green.”

Solect has installed a 100 KW solar photovoltaic (PV) system, and White will use net metering to offset 100 percent of the electrical common costs at the location and various other properties across the campus. Net metering allows electricity generated in excess of what is needed at one site to be credited for use at another site.

Fast Facts

Location: Mendon, MA
Owner: 28 Hastings Street Corp.
System Size: 100 KW
Number of Panels: 435
Installed: Nov/Dec 2011: Live Date: February 2012

Technical Details

Roof mounted system on a pitched metal roof using ET Solar panels, a Kaco inverter and a mounting system from DPW.