October 10, 2017

The Nobel prize for economics was awarded this week to Richard Thaler for his work on behavioral economics.  As you examine your most recent energy bill, you’re probably thinking you need to hire Thaler to figure it out for you. Indeed, there is a running joke in the energy industry that utilities make their bills as confusing as possible to prevent customers from taking action to lower them. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a Nobel prize winner to figure it out — we can help. As shown below, we have taken a typical commercial energy bill and explained the important sections so that you can better understand it.

In looking at your bill, one of the most critical areas where you should be paying attention are “Demand Charges” which can be up to 70% of your costs! Demand charges are calculated every month based on your highest energy usage for a single fifteen minute window. Your demand charges are important because they can dictate the rate you are paying.  If you have a “spiky” energy use profile the charges can be exorbitant.

If you think your demand charges are excessive,  and would like to lower them, we can help you with that too. You can send us a copy of your bill (link here) and we will do a quick analysis to determine if you should install an energy storage system to reduce your demand charges and lower those monthly bills.

So save your money, skip the Nobel Laureate Economists and let us do a free assessment to determine the best ways to lower your energy bills.