August 2, 2016


A solar company like Solect is made up of a number of different teams, working together to accomplish tasks that enable the construction and management of solar arrays. Today on the blog, we are featuring our own services team, highlighting who they are, what they do, and how each person contributes to the solar process and our customer experience as a whole.

Overall, the Solect services team operates to ensure each of the arrays managed under Solect service agreements are fully functional and operating at the highest possible level of production and efficiency. There are a number of different players on this team.

Services Leadership

Steve Bianchi circleSenior VP & General Manager of Customer Services; Steve Bianchi.

The Senior VP & General Manager of Customer Services oversees the entire Services division at Solect. This person is responsible for the overall strategic direction and P&L for Customer Service at Solect as well as developing the sales model for Service Agreements and service call projects to secure revenue growth for the company. The SVP of Customer Services also works with the operations team to build out the capabilities of the organization and improve the overall efficiency of the team in order to grow the business and support existing installations as well as new customers that are looking for a service company for their solar system.

Frank CircleSenior VP of Operations; Frank Newhard.

The Senior Vice President of Operations at Solect oversees many departments within the company including the design and engineering, logistics, construction, project management, regulatory and customer service teams. Providing leadership to Operations, this position ensures the company delivers the highest level of quality and efficiency in order to provide optimum effectiveness of customers’ solar systems. 

Celia CircleDirector, Customer Support Center; Celia Rosenberg.

The Director of Customer Support is responsible for leading and managing all facets of work within the Customer Support Center including regulatory, permitting, customer services dispatch and administration, monitoring, and customer advocacy.  This key team member helps to enable both the sales and field operations teams to perform their functions.

Field Service team

The field service team is responsible for carrying out technical work on solar arrays, including preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, technical commissionings, and any work that needs to be done with the physical system in the field.  The field service team is made up of a services field manager and several service technicians.

JohnCircle Services Field Manager; John Donavan.

The Services Field Manager schedules and manages all field service work. This position handles much of the technical commissioning responsibilities, and is responsible for prioritizing and managing service fulfillment.

JoshcircleKeith circleJackCircleSolar Technicians: Josh Palmer; Senior Solar Technician, Keith O’Regan and Jack Kenney; Solar Technicians.

Solar technicians are responsible for carrying out the technical work done as part of service fulfillment. This includes performing preventative maintenance work, assisting on technical commissionings, responding to corrective maintenance requests, and assisting in system construction.

Customer Support Center

The customer support team is dedicated to ensuring our solar service customers receive the most efficient, reliable service possible. The customer support team works mainly in Solect’s office, with some field work required. The team is made up of a Service Administrator, Customer Advocate, two Regulatory Specialists, and a Customer Support Specialist.

marycircleService Administrator; Mary Rindler.

The Service Administrator manages all scheduling, service contract preparation, service reposts, invoices, and permitting. The administrator ensures the field service team is efficiently dispatched to sites that need service, and makes sure all service activities are properly recorded, managed, and communicated.

Drew circleCustomer Advocate; Drew Peterson.

The Customer Advocate is dedicated to ensuring Solect customers have the best solar experience possible. The customer advocate acts as a liaison between the Solect installation, electrical, and service technicians and the customer. Their main role is advocating on behalf of the customer to voice any concerns, answer any questions, and be a general resource to the business owners and stakeholders involved in a solar installation.

MargicircleDave circle Regulatory Specialists; Margi Annese and Dave Fitzgerald.

The solar industry is rife with regulations. Regulatory specialists ensure Solect installations comply with each regulation, managing interconnection application submissions, impact studies, net metering administration, and all other regulatory and permit-related affairs. This dedicated team is experienced with all regulatory affairs related to a solar installation, and works to ensure each Solect project is in full compliance with these regulations.

MarcCircleCustomer Support Specialist; Marc Smith.

The Customer Support Specialist works with the service team to manage all system monitoring, SREC production monitoring, and provide net metering billing support. This specialist works in a technological capacity to ensure customer arrays are operating as they should be. The customer support specialist keeps a watchful eye on all projects on a daily basis and is the first to be alerted should an issue arise.

Made up of a set of dedicated, skilled individuals, the Solect Services team’s number one goal is delivering top-notch service to our customers and ensuring their investment is fully optimized.