December 13, 2016


It’s the holiday season, which means many Americans are busy gift shopping for their friends and family. At Solect, we’re just as excited for the gift giving season as you are, and we have the perfect solar gift suggestions for everyone on your list. There are a variety of solar powered products currently on the market—here are our top seven solar products that would make great holiday gifts!


  1. Solar Backpack


For the energy-conscious student, a solar backpack makes the perfect gift. Some may believe that solar backpacks are unappealing, but that‘s often not the case! BirkSun, for example, has sleek, simple solar backpacks for everyone that come in an array of colors and patterns.


  1. Solar Cell Phone Charger


For easy charging on the go, solar cell phone chargers are the best way to power your phone. With the right USB connection, most solar cell phone chargers can be used for any type of phone—and you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet. Solio has a variety of on-the-go charging packs, but you can also find similar solar chargers in most departments stores including Walmart and Target.


  1. Solar Speakers


Solar speakers make great gifts, especially for those who love the beach or just listening to music outside. Battery-powered speakers have the tendency to die halfway through most trips to the beach, making solar speakers the perfect alternative. Some are even Bluetooth compatible and can charge your smartphone as well, like the rukus Solar speakers by Eton which can be found on Amazon.


  1. Solar Bike Locksolar-lock


Solar bike locks would be a gift much appreciated by the friend or family member who commutes by bike. In particular, Lattis’ Ellipse bike lock is quite innovative. The built-in solar panel automatically charges the battery, and there is no key necessary to unlock this smart device—only a tap of your smart phone. Not only that, but these bike locks can also send alerts to your phone via Bluetooth if your bike is being disturbed.


  1. Solar Tent


For the person that loves the outdoors and a good camping trip, a solar tent is a great choice. The Orange Solar Tent—the result of a partnership between Orange and Kaleidoscope— is a popular one, which is able to harness energy from the sun from all angles and includes a charging station inside the tent.


  1. Solar Reading Lamp or Book Light


Solar reading lamps are perfect for the bookworm on your list, and can have an energy lifetime of up to tens of thousands of hours. These can be found at department stores like Walmart and Target (for instance: this one), or a larger selection would be available on Amazon. Additionally, solar book lights are great for reading in bed or curled up on a couch.


  1. Solar Keyboard


For anyone into technology, solar keyboards can make a suitable gift. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard, for example, is thin and lightweight, charges in any form of light, and can stay charged for up to three months in complete darkness. And with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, you can roam around with your keyboard while still keeping a strong, delay-free connection.

While we have named several specific brands here, there are numerous other solar products out there to explore. It’s the little things that, when pooled together, can make a large impact; so this year, let’s make a difference in our environment—while also making our friends and family happy in the spirit of the season—through the gift of solar.