September 13, 2016


As we become a more connected, data driven society, our energy consumption has risen to new heights due to our technological demands. Thankfully, these advances bring with them the ability to effectively monitor, manage, and ultimately optimize our energy use. After all, if you have the opportunity to make an informed decision that could significantly impact your bottom line, why accept the status quo?

Paired with energy efficient practices that initially reduce overall demand, energy optimization can ensure you’re maximizing the energy you consume. By collecting real-time or interval-based data and analyzing your energy consumption there are a variety of avenues available to limit or shift your demand away from peak rate times and avoid costly overindulgences.

Read the full story from Solect’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Jim Dumas, in his latest article featured in the New England Real Estate Journal. [Click link below to access article]

Energy Optimization: Analyzing and Improving Your Business’ Energy Use